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Secure Self Storage

Secure Self Storage

They may be your possessions or company records, whatever you self store with us, we understand their value and importance to you. That is why we have invested so heavily in the very best security for 24 hour cover, seven days a week including:

24hr recorded CCTV cover - internal & external

Our CCTV runs 24/7 and includes all areas, both internal and external. Our CCTV acts as both a deterrent against crime and peace of mind that should we have a breach, we are able to furnish the police with information they need to catch the criminals and recover belongings.

Electronic security fob access

Our electronic key fob gives you access to the facilities, whist your padlock and key secures your individual storage unit so only you have access to your belongings.

Every individual visit monitored and logged

The use of the electronic key fob allows us to monitor access to the secure self storage facility, this coupled with our 24/7 CCTV allows us to create a picture of who has used the facility and when.

No one can access your belongings exept you

As long as you keep your key fob and padlock keys safe, you can have peace of mind that nobody can access your belongings except you.

Proprietors live adjacent to site

Storage 4u is a family run business and you can have the additional peace of mind that we proprietors live adjacent to the site and can be on-site in minutes should the need arise.

Secure Self Storage

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